Painterly realism / malerischer Realismus
Visual Arts Office for Abroad, Amsterdam
Text: Gijs van Tuyl, Hans Sizoo, Evert Rodrigo
24 x 21 cm, 44 p.
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Painterly realism / malerischer Realismus (catalogue)

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"The fate of the fool". Oil on canvas, 1979, 140 x 170 cm
Instituut Collectie Nederland.

Text exhibition catalogue page 7:Painterly realism, Hans Sizoo

Painterly Realism

We usually see the opposite of a close-up in Arie van Geest's paintings, mostly of children in surroundings which seem too large for them - too large and too empty to provide any protection; it is hard to think of these children as having fathers and mothers. They look sophisticated and self-centred, and are frequently attired in children's clothes which were fashionable in 1900, making them look both older and doll-like - Alice in Wonderland, but hardly wondering.

Arie van Geest consciously works out a theme, a theme for which he finds leads in literature (from Lewis Carroll to the Comte de Lautréamont).
Nonetheless, the somewhat wistful poetry of his paintings is not experienced by reading the painting, but by seeing it.
Despite their chaste attire, the girls in Van Geest's pictures often emanate a kind of unselfconscious eroticism.
© Arie van Geest