Special editions / Projects

1969 De groet aan het eigenlijke
Galerie CCC, Vlaardingen
Edition consisting of 10 copies
Each copy contains 6 etchings

Etching / Text Etchings / Text:
de groet aan het eigenlijke-portfolio
1975 Wah - Wah
Delta Press, Rotterdam
Edition consisting of 100 copies, 50 of them numbered, etching included
Text interview: Felix Valk
Etching / Text Etching / Text:
Wah - Wah-portfolio
1975I Arie van Geest, 641 a mostra del Naviglio
Galleria del Naviglio, Milano
Special edition: linen hard cover
Text: Arie van Geest
23 x 16 cm, 12 p.
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1980 De bibliofiel (Gerrit Komrij / Arie van Geest)
Bébert Publishers, Rotterdam
Edition consisting of 99 copies, 9 of them bound in fancy snakeskin. These contain a handwritten quatrain by the author and 2 small etchings by Arie van Geest.
The remaining copies are bound in leather and contain a small etching by Arie van Geest.
1981 Arie van Geest schilderijen '72-'80, (fancy edition)
Editions Marquis, Vlissingen
Edition consisting of 100 numbered and handsigned copies, hardcover
Each copy contains an original etching De Muze, numbered, handsigned and titled (12½ x 13½ cm / 18 x 22 cm)
1982 Prooi (Arie van Geest / John van 't Slot).
Bébert Publishers, Rotterdam
Edition consisting of 56 copies in cloth portfolio. Each copy contains three original drawings, one by John van 't Slot, one by Arie van Geest and one by the two of them.

toelichting Folder / Polaroid / Drawing / Text:
Picture of folder Prooi
1984 Arie van Geest, videoportret
Interview by Margriet de Moor
Produced by Noordereinde, 's Graveland
1985 FROM SOURCE TO USE, Contemporary Archeology, Pandora Part One
Bébert Publishers, Rotterdam
Edition consisting of 200 copies in wooden box
Artist's edition comprising original works by:
Joseph Beuys , John van 't Slot, Gérald van der Kaap, Lawrence Weiner, Arie van Geest, Ulay/Abromović, General Idea, Maria van Elk, Coosje van Bruggen, Richard Hamilton, Piet Stockmans and Hugo Duchateau.
Practically all of them are single copies.

toelichting Luxury Edition / Water colour / Colophon:
Deksel From source to use
1986 Tableau Mourant, 98 water colours (fancy edition)
Haags Gemeentemuseum
Edition consisting of 20 copies, hardcover
Each copy contains an original water colour
1987 Arie van Geest, Schetsboek 1980-1987 Uitgeverij Bébert, Rotterdam
Edition of 40 numbered and signed copies
The artist made an original cover (-drawing) for each and every book
Some reproductions in the book have been altered with a hand drawn addition
Each book has four original drawings inserted as well

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1988 De handelsgeest zweeft boven de wateren
Leo Vroman: poems / Arie van Geest: drawings
De Veerstichting, Leiden
Edition consisting of 550 numbered copies
2001 Arie van Geest, Desolation Row, Livingstone gallery, The Hague / Van Spijk Art projects, Venlo
Special Edition:
Regular edition plus insert(-s): a choice out of four coloured in lithographs (20 x 20 cm)
Mariette Josephus Jitta,
Pieter van Oudheusden
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